Our gas heaters are entirely designed, engineered and produced at our own plant, they strictly adhere to the European Standards Law (EN-449) and have all obtained the "CE" certification from the CERTIGAZ FRANCE Institute, the company that is responsible for surveillance and applying the correct certification markings.

All our gas products (LPG or NG) are fitted with an atmosphere controlling unit and a gas-valve. These intervene by mean of interrupting the gas flow and turning the heater off, should the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the surrounding environment go over the 1.5% threshold, or should the pilot flame extinguish. The safety and practicality of our products constitute a valid solution for cheap and efficient heating. Our mobile stoves, thanks to their special wheels, are extremely easy to move around the house. They will immediately make the room warm and pleasant. For those seeking a permanent -but cheap and functional- mean of heating a place, the perfect alternative is the new range of "ECO" heaters. These come in both LPG or NG versions, and with either an infrared burner or a blue flame burner. These heaters can be hung onto the walls using the specific holes provided on their back, or alternatively they can be stood on the floor.